Changing Default Computer Container Active Directory

Hi everyone,

I am going to show how to perform the change of the default container of computers objects in the Active Directory.


GPO's just can be applied to Sites, Domains, and Organization Units, and "Computers" is a container and cannot have an OU assigned to it.


It's important before performing this command in your DC, to make sure that you have at least the domain level as Windows Server 2003 in all your forest.


Now that you have checked the prerequisite, make sure you have already created the new computer's Organization Unit and them, open your prompt as administrator privilege and type the following command:

redircmp OU=NameNewOU,DC=domain,DC=local

After this command, the change is done.


To make sure it's working, try to join a workstation or server to the domain and after that, check if the object is under the new OU.