End Users Managing Membership List of Security Groups in Active Directory

For those sysadmins who are looking for a way to grant access to end users to edit the membership list of security groups in Active Directory without using a 3rd part software, or non-Exchange groups list, I will describe the procedure to achieve this goal in this post.

1º - Assign the end user account as "Manager" of the respective group via ADUC:

2º Now, the end user is able to manage the group. To do it, open the Network window, and then, click on the button Search Active Directory, as shown below:

3º - Next, the window "Find Users, Contacts, and Groups" appears, as shown below. The user will need to type the group’s name and click on "Find Now" button. After the group is found and selected, the user will be able to manage the group’s membership, as shown below:

4º - If the user tries to access and edit a group with no permission, the Add and Remove buttons will remain inactive for alteration:

This procedure was performed in the Windows 7.

I hope to help with this post guys.